Surely you have in mind the house of your dreams, because a house is not just a building

Buying a house is different from buying a car or hiring a coach. You don't move house as often as you buy a new car or join another gym. A house, and more if you build it to your measure, is forever. For this reason, I want your home to adapt to you and your circumstances / family. We will work together to make your project the way you want it: your dream kitchen, the open spaces you long for, a spacious garage…


Antonia Sastre

I am Antonia and I am passionate about designing houses adapted to your needs. I don't believe in buildings off an assembly line. I am of the opinion that your home should be that: yours. That is why I will advise you, I will give you my professional vision and I will help you make your home as you as possible. But you will command. The world of construction has been with me since I was little. At the age of eight I was already going with my father, who is a builder, to visit the construction sites. I was fascinated to see the evolution of him. In fact, I still do. I visit the construction sites that I supervise to make sure everything is going according to plan. I have been dedicating myself professionally to architecture for more than thirteen years. From the first year of my degree at the ETSAB in Barcelona I already started working in an architectural firm.